Child Future Planning

The birth of a child is one of the best moments in one’s life. It brings responsibility, priority and future plan for their child. Every Parent always wishes the best for their children. When it comes to children’s future, no one wants to compromise from giving their children world class education to achieve their goal. It requires proper planning to secure the future of your child and facilitate every stage of their lives. Therefore, it is always good to have Financial Planning for a child. Future Planning should begin with an investment in the early years of a child’s schooling and should finally target higher education and marriage.

The purpose of Children’s Future Planning is to create a corpus for foreseeable expenditures such as those on higher education and wedding and to provide for an adequate security cover during their growing years.

Children’s Future Planning acquires added importance because children’s education and wedding are high priority life goals, which can neither be postponed nor can there be a compromise on the amount.

A good education has always been the passport to a secure future. Today, career opportunities have grown manifold, and there are many professional courses that your child can aspire for. However, the costs of higher education have also increased exponentially.

Like most parents, you might be saving regularly to ensure a safe tomorrow for your child. However, savings alone is no longer enough. For ensuring adequate funding of your child’s education, you as a parent, need to do two things:

Our Path

At Sentinel India we plan a child future plan as an investment plan which serves two purposes financially secure your child’s future and financially turning points in his/her life such as higher studies and marriage. We Design the best child plan to protect the future of your child in case of your unfortunate demise and at the same time builds a corpus over a period of time to be utilized to finance important stages in his/her life. It should be combined with benefits of savings and protection. There are some child future plans that provide the opportunity to create wealth as well. A child future plan is designed to provide financial security to your child so that his or her education or any other important event never gets hindered due to an unfortunate sudden event in the future.