Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance, as the name suggests, is a group insurance policy that covers accident mainly for the employees under corporate group insurance. It is available for both, the employees and board or owner of a company. This insurance provides comprehensive financial protection against hefty expenses incurred due to the disablement of the insured in accordance with the terms mentioned in the policy. The terms include conditions of disablement or death.

Features of Group Personal Accident Insurance

A Group Personal Accident Insurance has the following characteristics-

The general benefits included are-

What All Does Personal Group Accident Insurance Cover?

The coverage of Group Personal Accident Insurance depends upon the terms of the plan. However, most group personal accident insurance cover-

Benefits of Group Personal Accident Insurance

The key benefits that are provided under the group accident insurance plan is that it safeguards you against any financial liability that can arise because of disability or death due to an accident. This policy is designed keeping in mind that the sole bread earner of a family has individuals who are dependent upon him both financially and emotionally and it is the responsibility of the bread earner to safeguard their interest and future. Other than this, there are various other benefits that the group personal accident insurance provides to the policyholder.

Key Highlights of Group Personal Accident Insurance

Some of the key highlights of Group Personal Accident Insurance are mentioned below: