Marine / Fire / CGL


Marine Insurance is of two types, namely Marine Hull insurance and Marine Cargo insurance. While the former deals with the vessels and ships etc., the latter deals in the transit risks of goods or cargo. Therefore various nomenclatures are used for Marine insurance such as Cargo insurance, Transit insurance etc. Many times mode of transit is also used to describe the transit insurance such as Air transit insurance, Air cargo insurance, Air marine insurance, Sea transit insurance of cargo is very common. Almost all the General Insurance companies provide cover for transit insurance.


A business has many moving parts – dynamics which can result in loss due to fire. A faulty cabling/electrical malfunction, inflammable kitchen cleaners, careless employees forgetting to stub beedis and cigarettes, chemicals which at times spontaneously catch fire and the list can be endless. While running a business, our focus continues to be maximising opportunities and managing customers & cashflows, often losses come at the most unexpected times.


A Commercial General Liability Insurance policy is one of the most important policies to be considered for all businesses. There are potential threats of an accident to a customer, vendor, or any third-party involved with your business. Even a simple slip and fall in the premises can be devastating resulting in a potential lawsuit.

The Commercial General Liability Insurance policy will provide necessary financial support to businesses against any legal liabilities due to a bodily injury or property damage that can oc-cur as a result of your business operations.